Welcome to Amritsar Sahodaya

Sahodaya, a concept literally meaning ‘’Rising Together’ came into being in the year 1986, to facilitate synergy of ideas among the schools of CBSE for excellence in the education. A Sahodaya School Complex is a group of neighbourhood schools voluntarily coming together to share their innovative practices in all aspects of school education including curriculum design, evaluation and pedagogy and also providing support services for teachers and students.

It is indeed an interactive platform for schools to deliberate upon the different policies and guidelines of the board and provide effective feedback on their implementation to establish new benchmarks of quality. There is no doubt that much more knowledge is generated when a team or group committed to a common goal undertakes the task of remodelling and refashioning in a spirit of caring and sharing. Thus Sahodaya introduces the relevance of cooperative learning and collaborative networking. This is further facilitated by annual Sahodaya Conference held every year to critically examine the relevant issues and evolve a viable and effective framework of action.

About Us

Since the inception of Amritsar Sahodaya Schools Complex in the second half of 80's, to present day, various efforts have been made to provide the right type of guidance and opportunities to all the schools associated with the complex. Regular meetings and workshops are conducted to ensure an exchange of information and ideas, to appraise the work of educational institutions and to offer suggestions for the implementation and betterment of the same. The complex also endeavours to disseminate the good practices found in some schools to all other schools.
Sahodaya Schools Complex is working tirelessly with a true Sahodaya Spirit, sharing and helping each other whenever needed. With the passage of time Amritsar Sahodaya has become a close-knit family.
The turning point of Amritsar Sahodaya was when it successfully hosted the national conference in 2014.

Activity pics

OFFICE Bearers

Dr. Dharam Veer Singh President

Principal/Director Sri Guru Harkrishan Sr. Sec. Public School, G.T Road, Amritsar

Dr. Anita BhallaSecretary

Principal Bhavan's S.L School, Shivala Road, Amritsar

Mrs. Anjana GuptaFinance Secretary

Principal D.A.V International School Amritsar

Dr. Sarvjit Kaur BrarConvenor

Principal Khalsa College Public School, Amritsar

Ms. Neera SharmaChief Advisor

Princiapl DAV Public School, Lawrence Rd. Amritsar.

Mr. Rajiv SharmaAdvisor

Principal Spring Dale School Amritsar

Mr. Vijay MehraCCE Co-ordinator

Principal Senior Study School, Putlighar, Amritsar